The "Jaua-Sarisariñama Massive" is a group of table mountains approximately 2300 m high, located in the south of the country, known for the "mysterious Holes of Sarisariñama", big round stone depressions 350 m both in diameter and depth. One of the theories regarding the formation of these unexplored holes indicate underground water erosion.

South of the Jaua Mountain
When you over-fly the top of the Sarisariñama mountain you can see the holes from the plane perfectly.
In a valley on the south wall of the Jaua mountain, near a black water river, lies the Yekauna Indian Village "Kanarakuní".

The Sarisariñama "Holes"


The big Hole
(Ø = 350m  depth =  350m)


Meraveni Fall


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